We started the podcast over a year ago to enjoy talking about a variety of subjects. Now, over 53 episodes later, we wanted to promote a few other podcasts on the internet on regular rotation on the way to work.

Friends From Work Podcast hosted by Kyle Schonewill and Robby Earle. This podcast is considered one the best unofficial Marvel Cinematic Universe shows on the internet. Kyle and Robby can be heard on Apple and Spotify. The two also post regularly on Instagram. Visit their website to learn about their watch order and more. You can listen to Episode 34 when Robby and Kyle joined our podcast.

Graining In Podcast hosted by Matt Robinson and Noah Bissell. The two co-hosts discuss beer related topics with beer industry guests. Listen on Apple. Follow them on Instagram. Matt joined Justin back on Episode 35 of The Maine State of Mind.

The Maine Show Podcast hosted by Ben Sprague. Our good friend Ben hosts various guests from around the great State of Maine. Listen to Ben on Apple. You can also visit The Maine Show Podcast’s website. Sprague joined The Maine State of Mind back on Episode 21.

Rocking The Dad Pod hosted by Brian Keezer and Justin Soderberg. Brian and Justin discuss fatherhood topics with different dad guests. You can listen to The Dad Pod on Apple and Spotify. Follow the podcast on Instagram and visit their website. Keezer joined the podcast way back on Episode 4.

Lastly, the No Dunks Podcast hosted by JE Skeets, Leigh Ellis, Trey Kerby, and JD. The Athletic daily podcast is one of the best basketball podcast on the internet. Listen on Spotify and Apple. Visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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