The Maine State of Mind crew has split off to create ‘Capes & Tights‘ Comic Book Podcast for all their comic book related content. To honor this new venture, here is a big announcement.

Welcome to our COMIC BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA event. Over the next six-weeks, Justin and Adam will have all comic book related content. Episodes feature their Favorite Comic Book Writers with Paul Eaton, Comic Book Movies with Josh Moulton, special guest comic book creator appearance, live stream form Free Comic Book Day at Galactic Comics, discussion of the future of the MCU, the current state of comics with Paul Eaton, and a preview to the Bangor Comic and Toy Con with Will Hesketh and Jay Cochran! Plus other bonus episodes for your enjoyment.

With the addition of Capes & Tights, The Maine State of Mind will now air a new Maine-themed episode every other week and a comic book episode on the new podcast in the other weeks. This way all the Maine stuff stays on TMSOM and all comic book related content ends up on C&T to better serve the listeners.

Be sure to follow Capes and Tights on Apple, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and visit the new website at!

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