Wow, this week’s podcast releasing on Wednesday, November 4 marks 25 episodes of Just Another Podcast. Thank you so much for tuning-in and sharing with friends. Now that we have some episodes under out belt, we’d love to introduce some new segments coming to the podcast.

When Justin Soderberg started this podcast he wanted to mainly talk Comics, Beer and Movies. However, thats not ALL he wanted to talk about. This lead to guest talking coffee, local government, live music, hockey, racing and so much more. Now, 25 episodes in, time to get some more of the core subjects on a regular basis.

Starting this week with episode 25, we kick-off the new episodes. First up is “The Pull List,” featuring guest Paul Eaton of Galactic Comics and Collectibles. In a few weeks, Adam Morrisette of Dirigo Draft Services will join us for “Hoppy Hour,” and lastly Josh Moulton of Queen City Cinema Club will join the podcast once again for “Movie Night.”

The Pull List will feature conversations centered around Comic Books and related topics. Usually consisting of a top-10 list, but sometimes just general news conversations and more. Hoppy Hour will be centered around mostly beer, but other types of adult beverages as well. Movie Night will be similar to The Pull List, but centered around movies, tv and entertainment.

These podcasts will be spaced out with my normal special guests in between. The hope in 2021 is to do two weeks of guests, then a regular segment and so on. Mixing things up a little.

Look forward to bringing these new segments to you for your enjoyment. Keep an eye out for the first “The Pull List” on Wednesday, November 3.


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