BONUS: Bishart Kids Club – 2021 Q1 Unboxing

April 16, 2021

Welcome to a special BONUS episode of the podcast. This special episode features an “unboxing” of the 2021 Quarter 1 Bishart Kids Club subscription service from Maine’s own Ben Bishop.

The Bishart Kids Club is a monthly membership for fans, friends and foes of comic creator Ben Bishop. Established sometime around 2017 with a diehard handful of Ben’s biggest supporters, the Bishart Kids Club today is constantly growing and evolving into something not even Ben could have predicted. Set up as a monthly recurring membership fee, with Bishboxes full of club only exclusive items shipping quarterly, the very best part about the club, is the people within it… Between the incredible 24/7 members only group chat, exclusive club only comic variants, comic con meetups, dinners and wing nights with group members from all over the world, real lifelong friendships among fellow collectors and comic fans have been born and the Bishkids have become a real family – warts and all, just like your real family!

The club now features more members than ever and is looking for you to join! Learn more about Bishart Kids Club via it’s website.

Ben has joined the podcast back on Episode 9 to talk being a comic book creator and on Episode 24 to talk The Last Ronin. Additionally, you can watch or listen to the unboxing of 2020 Quarter 3 and 2020 Quarter 4 boxes.

Follow Ben Bishop on Facebook, Instagram and visit his website.

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