The Bangor Comic and Toy Con Don’t Cross The Stream Web Series welcomed co-host, Justin Soderberg, to their live stream on July 22 along with Moses Moseley of The Walking Dead.

This live stream with Will Hesketh and Jay Cochran discussed The Walking Dead, Moses’ books, and so much more. Justin had a blast and we thought we’d share the episode with you on our channel.

Make sure you check out Moses Moseley on Instagram and buy his books on Amazon.

Bangor Comic and Toy Con takes place October 1-3, 2021 at the Bangor Mall in Bangor, Maine. Tickets are on-sale now at Be sure to follow BCTC on Facebook and Instagram.

About Moses Moseley

Moses Moseley has been modeling since 2010. He didn’t begin to seriously pursue his dreams of modeling and acting until he reached his ideal weight. At the age of 16 he tilted the scales at 300 pounds. Two years through diet and exercise he lost over 150 pounds and his dreams of becoming a model and actor proved to be within his grasp. Moses got his first taste at stardom walking out of his class at Georgia State. Moses is best known for playing the role of Michonne’s iconic pet zombie on the hit show The Walking Dead and being on the cover of Entertainment Weekly for The Walking Dead. He has since then costarred in the HBO series Watchmen.He also has co-starring roles in USA Network’s Queen of the South and BET’s American Soul.

Check out previous episodes featuring BCTC 2021 guest artists Ben Bishop on episode 24 and Joseph Schmalke on episode 49.


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