Back at it again for another host-only episode with Justin and Brian. Basketball, definitely a passion of the two hosts, so this will NOT be the Last Dance of their basketball talks.

The aim is to not focus on one topic to chat about every other week with Justin and Brian, but this week was some more basketball chat. With more rumbles of the return of the National Basketball Association and the hosts finishing up watching “The Last Dance,” it was again the focus.

It’s hard for Soderberg and Keezer to not talk basketball with such news coming out over the past few weeks, plus the amazing Michael Jordan series finishing up.

Is Jordan the all-time greatest basketball player, greatest athlete, greatest team sport player, or just one of the greats? Brian and Justin discuss the docuseries and the amazing story of the 1990’s Chicago Bulls.

Justin and Brian talk a lot about this “Disney Bubble” and what the players can expect when down in Florida. What the perks and accommodations the NBA is putting in place for the players to feel comfortable. Will the rest of the season be fun or just a spectacle? Does the 2020 Championship mean as much as any other year or will this always be tarnished as “The COVID Year?”

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