Today’s guest is Adam Morrisette. Not only is Adam a good friend of mine, but was my right hand man at Orono Brewing Company since we opened our Margin Street location in Orono, Maine. He has a passion for clean beer lines, which any beer drinker should, that’s why he started Dirigo Draft Services.

Naturally, this podcast featured lots of talking about draft lines and beer.

We started out by talking a bit about Adam and how he ended up here in Maine. It nicely segued into me hiring him to work at Orono Brewing and finally into him cleaning draft lines.

The American Brewers Association recommends bars, restaurants, tasting rooms and really anyone who pours beer through a draft line, to clean their lines regularly. This includes a cleaning draft lines every two weeks, acid cleaning every quarter and complete disassembly every six months. Adam goes into why this is important and why he has a passion for it.

Adam is also and avid home-brewer and has been working on recipes for a new cider venture in Western US. While not bartending or cleaning draft lines, he is likely brewing up a batch of his own beer or cider at his home in Bangor.

This was a fun one, chatting beer with a good friend and learning at the same time!

Visit Dirigo Draft Services’ website for more info or to schedule Adam to help you out!

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