We are now six episodes into this podcasting journey. As we move along, some changes can help find a groove, welcome to the new normal.

Brian Keezer joined the podcast during Episode 4 to talk his to us about his company Unrest Coffee, but Brian and Justin go way back. Interestingly enough, the two have wanted to do something like a podcast for a long time. Now Brian joins Justin on Just Another Podcast.

With the new format, Brian and Justin will do a podcast every other week and Justin will be joined with a special guest during the weeks between. So, still a new podcast every week, but the change is Brian will join Justin every other week.

This change allows some consistency to build and allows the two dudes to chat about things going on in the world and not just get to know someone new each podcast. The new format will have tweaks from each episode until in reaches a good flow.

During the first episode of the new norm, Brian and Justin talk video game and movie nostalgia, how growing up and playing old video games can bring back specific memories…some good and some bad. Additionally, the two talk about the return of the NBA and the Boston Celtics.

We hope you enjoy this breaking up the podcast episodes and have a few new fun things in store as we move forward in 2020. Thanks for tuning in!

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