Nothing like a big ice cream cone on a warm summer Maine day. Let’s talk that ice cream cone with Jack Watkins, owner of Spencer’s Ice Cream in Bradley, Maine.

Watkins purchased the ice cream stand in the spring 2018, just a few weeks prior to his high school graduation. When he took over the business, at age 18, most of his employees were older than he was…including his sister.

Only a few years into owning his own business, Jack has already had to deal with trying to run a business during a pandemic.

During 2020, Watkins made his way over to Orono Brewing to collaborate on a beer released for his 21st birthday. The beer, aptly named Ice Cream Social, was made with chocolate, peanut butter and waffle cones. This one-time beer was popular with both beer fans, but also fans of Spencer’s Ice Cream.

Jack looks forward to a successful summer scooping ice cream and make families smile!

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