What a better way to kick-off the fourth season of The Maine State of Mind, but with adding a new co-host to help Justin Soderberg with the duties. Welcome, Adam Morrisette as the new regular on the podcast! This is gonna be fun!

Adam has joined the podcast many times to discuss beer on our former segment, “Hoppy Hour.” Now, Morrisette will join Justin every week for a new episode, but this time sharing the hosting duties.

The podcast will remain the same, as we welcome new guests every week to discuss their business, or a specific topic. However, the podcast will add a few new segments, including fun “Vanishing Maine” episodes featuring fun things about Maine.

During this welcome to the podcast episode, Adam and Justin discuss the future and what it will look like. Plus, a few other topics that they went off on for a bit.

Adam’s first episode as co-host with a guest will in a few weeks, as the birth of Justin’s boy took the schedule off course for a little. Look for Adam to join us regularly with Episode 55 in our new studio setup! This is definitely gonna be fun!

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