Time for a MASSIVE podcast episode as we welcome Mathew of Massive Beer Reviews and the Beer Massif Podcast to the show.

Mathew has posted thousands of beer reviews since around 2010. His 8,700 plus subscribers have watched his videos north of 1.75 million times.

One of the many reasons people tune into Massive Beers is due to the way Mathew talks about the beer. He does not rate a beer 1-10 or even 95-100, he basically just lets you know about beverage and wether he likes drinking the beer. Pretty simple.

Many fans that send him beer in the mail for him to drink, this includes “Mystery Beers” which are usually wrapped so he doesn’t know what they are and can talk about the beer without any preconceived notions. Additionally, others send him home brew to drink.

Be sure to follow Massive Beers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Also, follow his Beer Massif Podcast on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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