The Pull List returns for another top-10 comic book related podcast with guest co-host Paul Eaton of Galactic Comics and Collectibles. Let’s talk our favorite comic book artists.

Sometimes we have to judge a book, a comic book in this conversation, by its cover. On a Wednesday, when we look at the rack of new release comics, the first thing that draws you in is the cover. Then you pickup the book and thumbing through the book, the art is what first draws you in.

On this episode of Pull List, Paul and Justin Soderberg talk their favorite comic book artists. If anyone knows the program and listens to us regularly, you’ll know at least one artist that will make each of their lists.

Since this episode has a lot to do with artwork, it is recommended you watch the video here over the audio version of the podcast. However, it the best is done to make sure people can listen as well!

More About Paul Eaton

Paul Eaton, his wife and his kids reside in the Bangor, Maine area. He has operated a comic book and collectible shop at comic conventions and online for a few years now. However, in 2019 he saw his hopes come alive with opening his own brick-and-mortar comic and toy shop on Hammond Street in Bangor. He has extensive comic book and toy knowledge.

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