We have been saving this guest for the right moment…Andrew Geaghan, Co-Owner and Head Brewer at Geaghans Brothers Brewing Company.

Geaghans Pub was founded in 1975 and is located next to the Hollywood Casino on Main Street in Bangor, Maine. In 2011, the family added a brewery to their business which is currently located diagonally across the river from the pub in Brewer, Maine.

Andrew has been around the pub since his birth and even made his way up to serving and eventually managing at the restaurant. However, in the early 2000’s he decide to step away from the family business and take up ministry. It was around this time that Andy and Justin became friends. Geaghan began working alongside Justin’s Dad, Adam Soderberg at an Orrington Church and Justin took over the serving shifts from Andrew at the pub.

After a stint in full-time ministry, Andrew decided to return to the family business as General Manager and eventually helped launch the microbrewery and because co-owner. Additionally, Geaghan has spent time on many committees and on the board for the Maine Brewers’ Guild.

When Justin moved back to the Bangor Area in 2016, Andrew hired him to help back at the pub and to lend a hand on packing beer at the brewery. This was before Soderberg made his way to Orono Brewing Company.

The Geaghan brewing team actually helped Orono Brewing out a lot back in the early days of OBC, even as far as helping us move our first tanks into the original spot on Main Street in Orono, Maine.

Be sure to like Geaghans Pub on Facebook and follow Geaghans Brothers Brewing on Facebook and Instagram. If you are in the Bangor Area and want some amazing wings and beer, visit their website to order some pickup!

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