Joshua Moulton of Queen City Cinema Club returns for another episode of Movie Night. This time around, Josh and Justin Soderberg discuss their favorite all-time comedy movies.

On these Movie Night podcast episodes, Josh and Justin work down their top-10 lists. Neither host has seen the other’s list prior to recording, so surprises galore! Justin starts with quickly listing his #10-6 part of his list, with Josh following with his. Then the two alternate back-and-forth with their #5-1 movies.

What classifies good comedy movies? There is more to a comedy that just making you laugh. Let’s find out what each co-host has to say by revealing their top-10 list on this episode!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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More About Josh Moulton

Josh Moulton, along with his wife Tiffany, is the owner and operator of Queen City Cinema Club located in Downtown Bangor, Maine. Moulton has been a life-long film buff with a passion for the entire scope of work that goes into making a movie. The film industry is his life.

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