Welcome Parker Olen, Vice President Brand Strategy and Co-Owner of Mast Landing Brewing Company. Parker joins the podcast to discuss the art of beer and so much more!

Olen has been part of the Mast Landing team since their inception in 2016. He is the designer of all things Mast Landing, including all can designs. So, this is something Parker has in common with Justin Soderberg, who as you all know designs for Orono Brewing Company. Additionally, Parker has designed many cans for other breweries and for the Maine Brewers’ Guild 2020 collaboration beer that was released during this COVID-19 pandemic to raise funds for the MBG.

A lot goes into the art of designing a beer label or can artwork. Planning the name, theme, colors and end goal. Then there is the execution of said design and lastly the reaction of the beer consumer.

Parker has designed cans with new unique theme or based on an homage to a famous piece of artwork or brand. The beer can label is a blank canvas in which we can do our best to make the customer and brewery happy.

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We touched on beer can design with Sean Sullivan, Executive Director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, on Episode 29.

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