Welcome to another episode of Hoppy Hour with special guest co-host Adam Morrisette of Dirigo Draft Services. This week features conversation based around the most popular beer style in the world, India Pale Ale.

Okay, it might not be the most popular beer in the WORLD, but it is at least the most popular beer in the United States currently. This is especially true in the Northeast and our home State of Maine.

There are a variety of options in the India Pale Ale category, including New England Style, West Coast, Session, Double (or Imperial), Triple, Milkshake, and more. These are the different versions the two co-hosts discuss on this episode.

As a rule of thumb, Adam and Justin don’t rate or have “top-10” lists of beers, both working in the beer industry. However, this show is more of a broad conversation about what makes the beer an IPA and the different types of IPAs there are on the market.

Sit back, grab a cold beer and enjoy.

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More About Adam Morrisette

Adam and his wife, Annie, live in the Bangor, Maine area. Morrisette has been serving beer for over 12 years and home brewing for more than 15 years. He is currently a Certified Cicerone Beer Server and working towards Cicerone Level One at the moment. Adam and Justin have been co-workers for a few years at Orono Brewing Company in Orono, Maine.

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