Welcome Jay Cochran! The two of us go a ways back, but are closer than ever now. Jay works at Forecastle Tattoo and is my tattoo artist, but also is co-owner of Bangor Comic and Toy Con. He is the father of a beautiful boy and is engaged to be married to his long time girlfriend.

We spent most of the podcast taking tattoos and his urge to get back in the studio. How COVID-19 has effected his industry and what the plans would be when he is allowed to ink again. Additionally, we talked how he got his start in tattooing and how he ended up at Forecastle.

Along with Tattoos, we talked Bangor Comic and Toy Con and the effects of COVID has had on the con. We also went into how Jay became involved and what lead to his ownership stake.

With the comic con postponed, him and fellow co-owner Will Hesketh have started a live stream show. “Don’t Cross The Stream” web series airs every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00pm eastern. The show has been a great way for the con to get their fans involved and chat with former and future guests of the comic con.

Forecastle Tattoo is located at 65 State Street, Bangor, Maine. Jay will be back to taking clients this summer, but has a back log of appointments. So bear with him!

Bangor Comic and Toy Con was rescheduled to October 2-4, 2020 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine. Tickets are available now!

You can find Jay Cochran on Instagram. Follow Forecastle on Facebook and visit their website. Lastly, follow Bangor Comic and Toy Con on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website.

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