Welcome to the first episode of one of our newest segments, “Movie Night” with special guest co-host Josh Moulton of Queen City Cinema Club. This week we talk our top-10 favorite Christmas Movies of all-time.

Justin and Josh will reveal their top-10 Christmas Movies and discuss why they are where they are on the list. Some will be the same, but others may surprise you.

Neither of the co-hosts of this segment will know the other person’s list prior to the recording. So, Josh and Justin are finding out what is in common in real time.

In future episodes, the Movie Night crew will discuss a different top-10 movie or tv related list. On the docket for the future are lists based around top comedies, horror, action, comic book movies, and so much more.

Queen City Cinema Club, located on Main Street in Bangor, is open to the public. Be sure to check them out!

Josh joined the podcast back on Episode 1 to discuss QCCC.

Follow Queen City Cinema Club on Facebook, Instagram and visit their website.

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