Welcome to the first episode of one of our newest segments, “Hoppy Hour” with special guest Adam Morrisette of Dirigo Draft Services. This episode features conversation on what to drink this coming Thanksgiving, plus a small bit on the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the craft beer industry.

Turkey Day is quickly approaching, Justin and Adam have some input on what you should drink on the special day, even if this year is mostly via the internet.

What should you drink at noon, dinner and for desert. This is what the two Hoppy Hour hosts covered during this podcast.

These episodes are based around the industry that Adam and I work in on a daily basis. Therefore we try not to endorse any specific brand or beverage. However, it’ll be hard to not talk a lot about Orono Brewing Company as that is Justin’s daily life.

Additionally, no brands have paid for any advertising or promotions on these episodes. No one has given us “free beer” to talk their company. These are just beers or brands we tend to drink or has a specific connection to the episode.

The two hosts chatted a bit about how the COVID-19 pandemic has effected the craft beer industry to close things out.

In future episodes, the Hoppy Hour crew will discuss a different beer or adult beverage related topics. On the docket for the future are episodes based around specific beer styles, industry pioneers, seasonal beers and so much more.

Dirigo Draft Services, located in Bangor, is taking new clients for line cleaning and maintenance. Be sure to check them out!

Adam joined the podcast back on Episode 7 to discuss Dirigo Draft Services.

Sit back, grab a cold beer and enjoy. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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