Ben Bishop returns to the podcast! This time Ben joins the podcast to discuss his work on The Last Ronin in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles world.

The Last Ronin releases today (Wednesday, October 28) at your local comic book shop. Issue #1 includes a single page of work from Ben, but he came on board to help the remainder of the five-issue series. Issue #2 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, December 16.

In addition to chatting The Last Ronin, TMNT and other comic book nerdism, Justin and Ben talked Bishart Kids Club. How did the club get started? What does the club entail and how can you be a part of it? The two discuss all these questions, but also what was released in this quarter’s Mega Bish tier box.

Ben is the founder and owner of Split Decision Comics where he created The Aggregate and more. Bishop is the series artist on Kevin Eastman’s (co-creator of TMNT) comic, Drawing Blood which raised over $100k on Kickstarter. Drawing Blood Book 2, and The Aggregate Book 2 are in the works.

He self published his first graphic novel, the 300 page Nathan The Caveman, in 2008 followed by several smaller works. In 2011 Ben illustrated the award winning book, Lost Trail, the comic adaptation of the famous Maine story, Lost On A Mountain In Maine.

Throughout all this Ben has also been worked on characters like the Bloodshot for Valiant Entertainment, Savage Dragon for Image comics, Batman, Transformers, Gi Joe, and more. He has also found time to draw all of Masons Brewing Company‘s beer cans.

Listen to the first time Ben joined the podcast, back in Episode #9.

Follow Ben Bishop on Facebook, Instagram and visit his website. Learn more about Bishart Kids Club via it’s website.

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