This week we welcome Paul Eaton of Galactic Comics and Collectibles. Paul joined the podcast to talk about his comic shop, but also just to geek out with Justin about comic books.

Eaton opened Galactic Comics and Collectibles on November 30, 2019 after running his business mostly online and at comic book conventions. Galactic is located at 547 Hammond St, Bangor, Maine. He sells comics, trade paperbacks, Funko pops, action figures, statues, Pokemon cards and so much more.

Justin buys his comics from Paul on a weekly basis, every Wednesday, for new comic book day.

The two chat about Paul opening his brick and mortar shop, but mostly about comic books in general. Justin talks his love for Image Comics and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series. Eaton added his own love for the series and added what he loves to collect himself.

This podcast likely is going to “spawn” another monthly podcast about comics, so if you have a love for comics keep an eye out!


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