Welcome Spencer Wood! Spencer is the founder and owner of Tip Whip, a ride-share app. The app provides college students with a fare-free rides with all tips going to the driver, also a college student.

Spencer and Justin catch up a bit, the two have known each other now going on a couple years. Justin’s day job is General Manager at Orono Brewing Company and sees a lot of Spencer’s drivers picking up college students at their Orono location. Additionally, Spencer has been co-host of some amazingly fun events at OBC in the past.

The two also chat about how Tip Whip started and what the benefit is to having a service like it around college towns. Where the future of the brand and company is heading and what else they can do to grow.

Lastly, Spencer let us know what he has been up to outside his ride-share business. This includes selling real estate across the beautiful State of Maine.

More about Tip Whip

It’s a tip based ride-sharing service exclusively focused on college students. Our goal is to get every college student to their next destination safely regardless of how much money they have in their pockets. Only current students can join the Tip Whip driver and rider community on their campus.

Find out more about Tip Whip via their website. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. The app can be found in both the App Store and Google Play. If you are a college student in Maine, sign-up to be a driver!

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